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Field-proven, fully-documented telecom SDKs

  • Target avionics, consumer, commercial and military telecom apps
  • Deliver custom gateways, VoIP phones and PSTN interfaces faster
  • Reduce time-to-profit & technical risk
  • Protect your IP with patent-indemnified non-GPL code

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New Open Source & Commercial Source Code
for collecting & distributing data on the Internet of Things (IoT)!

Go to to view the new OpenSMR open source website.

OpenSMR provides exciting new Internet of Things (IoT) data collection & distribution open source building blocks under the GPL2 license. Contact TeleSoft for information on licensing TsSMR, the commercial license version of OpenSMR. TsSMR contains all of OpenSMR, so TsSMR is described in detail by the many website articles, PDFs and downloadable source code on

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SDK Contents:

  • Source code
  • Documentation
  • Technical support
  • Physical drivers
  • Example applications
  • OS Portation