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Sip Source CodeMIDAS ADP860 Advanced Development Platform

The MIDAS ADP 860 (Modular ISDN Data Access Solution – Advanced Development Platform) is customizable to differentiate, add value, change form factor or change bus type. It is also ideal to use as a basis for application development prior to the target hardware being available. The MIDAS ADP 860 hardware and TsLink3 software can be configured for either NT-side or TE-side operation or a combination of both to manage call control through multiple ISDN interfaces.

The MPC860-based MIDAS ADP 860 can serve as a Multi-BRI NT-1 'U' Interface, Multi-BRI 'S/T' Interface, single PRI adapter card, or a combination of Multi-BRI NT-1 'U' and/or Multi-BRI 'S/T' and/or PRI interfaces. 
Popular applications include PBXes, Videoconferencing products and Gateways.

The MIDAS ADP 860 is supplied with the signaling software of your choice, pre-ported to the platform, in binary and source code form. The binary code provides a running platform that can be used as a base for your application software development in parallel with the development of your target hardware platform.  The  source code gives you full flexibility and control over your product design and development.  The MIDAS ADP 860 package includes a complete 3-3-1 Hardware Design Kit and Software Source Code Kit. You receive schematics, board layout and component listings, a fully functioning card set and source code for the corresponding software.


Distinctive Characteristics:

  • Worldwide ISDN Protocol Support
  • Multi-BRI NT-1 'U' Interfaces and 'S/T' Interfaces 
  • Single PRI Interface 
  • MPC860 - based 
  • Modular Architecture 
  • Scalable to 64 B-Channels 
  • Ethernet 10BaseT Interface 
  • High Performance 
  • Minimizes Technology Risks
  • Accelerates Time-to-Market 

Source Code Ppp

  Applications MontaVista Linux-based platform ideal for application development
  Protocols ISDN PRI & BRI, QSIG, T1 RBS, E1 CAS MF R2

  Switch Variants

N. America, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Korea & 10 MF R2 Variants




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