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Isdn SoftwareHow will using “free” ISDN code impact your project?

Companies select TsLink3 ISDN over the “free” ISDN4Linux when ISDN4Linux limitations will delay delivery dates or impact funding/acquisition opportunities. Companies license TsLink3 source code when they want:

  • Indemnification against patent and trade secret infringements (especially relevant if you are pursuing funding from outside sources or plan to position your company for acquisition)
  • Ownership of the code that you write -- instead of releasing all of your code modifications for FREE to the Linux community (open source requirement) for potential use by your competitors
  • A proven, stable stack that is proven compliant
  • Network-side code
  • A stack that has support for all of the North American switch variants
  • Supplementary services (Make sure the SS code is straightforward so that you can add any supplementary services that are not supported yet.)
  • Fast response time to questions about the stack and how it interacts with other code
  • A stack with a clear, well-documented, architecture
  • Documentation that is detailed, centralized, and easy to search for key words
  • Ability to communicate with the author of the documentation for development assistance and receive a knowledgeable response within one business day
  • Responsive technical support from senior engineers who know the protocol stack thoroughly and have supported customers in integrating the stack on many different platforms
  • Minimal downtime due to bug fixes and protocol changes
  • References to confirm that all of the above is accurate.

Using the TeleSoft Linux loadable kernel module, instead of a publically-supported freeware product, gives you assurance of indemnification, accountability, well-proven code, comprehensive documentation, and responsive high-quality technical support.

The time that can be lost using the "free" protocol stack may make the “free” code too costly for your company. We are very interested in working with you. We want to increase your team’s effectiveness throughout the Linux-based development process.

Please contact us (, 512.373.4224) for a
deeper discussion of how the TsLink3 Linux interface and protocol stacks can
make a difference in your development schedule at the prototype stage and in
your finished products.



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