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Distinctive Characteristics Technology Transfer for OEMs

You can customize the high-performance external MIDAS BRI adapter (Modular ISDN Data Access Solution), MIDAS UEN, to differentiate, add value, change form factor or change bus type.

The external MIDAS-UEN ISDN modem/TA is developed specifically for the North American market, incorporating the many special calling features necessary for a successful product.

The external BRI Adapter Card with source code gives you full flexibility for your first and future products because each of TeleSoft's MIDAS designs includes a complete Hardware Design Kit and Software Source Code Kit. You receive schematics, Gerber files, board layout and component listings, a fully functioning card and source code for the corresponding software.

The TeleSoft external ISDN Modem/TA, like each of TeleSoft's reference designs, is architected to give you full control over your product design and direction.

Distinctive Characteristics:



Technology Transfer for OEMs

Each MIDAS product is a Technology Transfer Package that gives you full control over your product design and direction. You can customize, add value or change form factor. You have full flexibility for your first and future products because MIDAS Gold Level Products include a complete Hardware Design Kit, Software Source Code Kit, and Object Code. You get fully functioning boards loaded with Object Code; schematics, Gerber files, board layout and component listings.

The MIDAS-UEN is one member of a growing family of MIDAS (Modular ISDN Data Access Solution) products that are designed specifically to meet the needs of OEMs and ODMs for fast development of low cost ISDN products. Other BRI and PRI MIDAS products are available for North America, Europe, Australia and Korea. Implementations include internal active and passive cards and external boxes.

*TeleSoft has established Gold and Silver Levels of fit and finish for its MIDAS Products. In achieving the Gold Level, the product has met applicable Telco Conformance Standards, passed interoperability tests with industry-leading devices and is ready for Beta test production.


MIDAS-UEN ISDN Modem Specifications
Network Protocol
US National ISDN + 5ESS + DMS-100 Basic Rate
Network Connection
2-Wire 'U' via RJ45 - conformant with ANSI T1.601
Serial Port
V.24 / RS 232 via 9-pin D connector
B-Channel Protocols
V.120 Rate Adaption
Async-Sync PPP and Async-Sync ML-PPP
Data Rates - V.120 + ML-PPP
300 - 115,200 bps (V.120 + Async-Sync ML-PPP)
DTE Max Speed
230.4 Kbps
Async Data Format
7-bit data + odd/even parity + 1 start/stop
8-bit + no parity + 1 stop bit
Autobaud Detection
300 - 115,200 bps. Automatically matches internal to external baud rate
Standard: 256 KBytes; Optional 512 Kbytes
Standard: 512 KBytes; Optional 256 or 1024 KBytes
Data Connections supported
1 or 2 B-Channels (Async-Sync ML-PPP)
1 B-Channel (V.120)
Dialing Interface
Modem AT Commands via Serial Ports
Analog POTS Ports (2)
Ringing & DTMF Detection
Power On Self Test
Dynamic Protocol Selection
Hot Switching of B-Channel Protocols
LED Status Indicators
TxD + RxD + Six Software Programmable LEDs
+ 9 Vdc, Unregulated
PCB Only: 8.875 x 5.875 x .625 in.
Enclosure: 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 in.

The Product Configuration described above is tested for compliance with switch specifications and for interoperability with industry standard terminal equipment. Due to the increasing number of implementations of ISDN devices TeleSoft does not guaranty interoperability. MIDAS-UEN is delivered with Source Code and Object Code for all the specified protocols.




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