Compact SIP Stack Software for Coldfire VoIP Platform

Austin TX -- TeleSoft International Inc.– announces the latest release of their CompactSIP source code stack available pre-ported to run on the Freescale™ low cost Coldfire-based VoIP Reference Design. The TeleSoft SIP protocol stack was developed specifically for embedded applications such as the Coldfire MCF5234/5 where small size and high performance are required.  

 “Finally developers can get the best of both worlds – a very compact SIP source code stack with a small memory footprint plus low overhead for high efficiency. TeleSoft’s CompactSIP SIP stack's small code size and fast execution time will allow the addition of more functionality or use of a slower processor and less memory” stated Mike Sanders, Software Consultant.

CompactSIP is available pre-ported to run on the Freescale™ ColdFire-based VoIP Reference Design platform integrated with µClinux and TCP/IP. Typical applications include mobile and cellular phones, IP phones, Terminal Adapters (ATAs), VoIP Gateways to PSTN, Set-top boxes, SOHO routers and Hybrid PABXs.

The CompactSIP solution is the latest addition to TeleSoft's broad family of software stacks and advanced development platforms. Founded in 1992, TeleSoft International is a premier developer and supplier of ‘Protocols for Developers’ for the communications industry, with more than 200 licensees in over 20 countries, including AT&T, IBM, NEC, NTT, Polycom, Motorola, TelcoBridges, Fujitsu, Lucent Technologies, Matsushita, General Bandwidth, Cisco and 3Com. TeleSoft source code stacks include SIP, ISDN, PPP, ML-PPP, E1 CAS R2, T1 RBS, X.25 and Multi-link Frame Relay.

"CompactSIP enables the design of embedded VoIP products where minimum memory size and high efficiency are high priorities. Most SIP stacks and their OS require megabytes of memory whereas the TeleSoft CompactSIP + RTOS is only a fraction of that size. " said Christopher Cox, TeleSoft’s Vice President, Marketing.  " The compact size and highly efficient code are very valuable to designers under pressure to develop new low cost products " Cox continued.

CompactSIP is written in C for ease of portability and is independent of the OS and complies with the relevant RFCs for User Agent applications. The SIP stack was designed for high-reliability, small code size, quick execution, and low per-dialog (SIP call) memory usage.