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T1 PriRTOS Pre-ported Interfaces

Pre-ported OS Interfaces Special Features & Upgrade Modules

TeleSoft International partners with many vendors to increase the level of integration available to licensees of TeleSoft's well-proven TsLink3 source code. Increasing integration allows customers to proceed to market on a shorter development schedule with decreased technical risk and development costs.

Among TeleSoft partners are the vendors of Nucleus, VRTX, Linux, QNX, and VxWorks operating systems, and Dallas Semiconductor, Infineon, Freescale, and PMC Sierra.

TsLink3 Pre-ported interfaces work with TsLink3 stacks to further accelerate portation and decrease development costs. TsLink3 pre-ported interfaces are optimized for TsLink3 stacks including: Basic Rate (BRI) ISDN, Primary Rate (PRI) ISDN, Q.931, Q.921, QSIG, ML-PPP, PPP, Frame Relay, T1 RBS, E1 CAS and X.25. 

TsLink3 is architected for embedded and host-based applications in which performance and code size are important.

Pre-ported OS Interfaces

Pre-ported interfaces to non-preemptive and preemptive industry-standard operating systems accelerate portation to each customer's hardware platform. Portability is supported by generic OS function calls whose contents are modified according to the requirements of the specific OS. TsLink3 pre-ported interfaces are available for the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • MQX 
  • Nucleus Plus
  • OSE
  • pSOS 
  • TsRITE *
  • VRTX 
  • VxWorks 

If a customer selects a different OS than one from the list above, one of the pre-ported OS interfaces can be used as a template to rapidly develop a new OS interface. TsLink3 customers have leveraged the OS-independent architecture to port to other operating systems including:

  • Solaris
  • Windows
  • Proprietary operating systems

* TsRITE, a TsLink3 product, is a compact, low-overhead RTOS customized for protocol and B-channel data requirements. It is royalty-free.


Special Features and Upgrade Modules

Purchasing TsLink3 Software
TsLink3 Source Code is supplied in comprehensive, portable packages of 'C' source code modules and interfaces necessary to develop robust products. 

Source Code packages provide source code from Layer 1 device driver software up through the Layer 3/Layer 4 interface of the OSI model. 

Upgrade and Individual Modules
Completing the solution are upgrade- and individual-modules that increase your market opportunity by increasing your products' connectivity capabilities. Modules include PPP, ML-PPP, X.25, AO/DI, Frame Relay, T1 RBS, E1 CAS, R2, V.120, and Supplementary Services.

Technical and Custom Support 
12-month maintenance extensions include code updates and quick-response technical support via E-mail, phone and fax. 

Expert Consulting and Customization Services
Consult with our experienced engineers early to avoid expensive pitfalls later.

Comprehensive documentation customized for your load. Available in a searchable soft format or in hardcopy. All nomenclature complies with ITU-T.

Cost-effective one-time licensing fee; no royalties or user-fees for TsLink3 source code or the TsRITE operating system. 

TeleSoft International specializes in the development of Intelligent WAN solutions specifically for OEMs. We supply source code for SIP, DSL, PPPoA, PPPoE, ISDN, Q.931, Q.921, QSIG, ML-PPP, PPP, Frame Relay, T1 RBS, E1 CAS, R2 and X.25 Protocol Stacks for license to manufacturers of telecommunications products around the world. 

TeleSoft provides 'C' Language Source Code Stacks and Hardware Reference Designs backed up by comprehensive documentation and expert technical support. TeleSoft solutions accelerate time-to-market, minimize technology risk, and decrease the cost of both product development and product maintenance



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