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Controller SemiconductorDevice Drivers

Well-Structured, Maintainable Code Special Features & Upgrade Modules
Advanced Micro Devices Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor
Cologne National Semiconductor
Freescale PMC-Sierra
Infineon STMicroelectronics
Legerity Zarlink

TeleSoft licenses TsLink3 device drivers for use with TsLink3 telecom and datacom protocol stacks designed for developers. Low-level drivers for many different chips are available. Protocol stacks include ML-PPP, PPP, X.25, Frame Relay, T1 RBS, E1 CAS R2, ISDN, QSIG, AO/DI and DSL.

Manufacturers license TsLink3 conformance-proven source code stacks to get their products to market faster while minimizing technical risk and development costs.

"TeleSoft code made our ISDN product feasible; it saved us at least one year of market opportunity." --  NxNetworks/Proteon, Westborough MA

Maintainability and scalability are designed into each TsLink3 stack. Comprehensive comments and documentation support you or a colleague as your product goes forward. The value of TsLink3 stacks will be evident in each phase of your engineering schedule and the product life span.

Shorter Learning Curve & Faster Customization

Faster Debugging


Low-Level Device Drivers 


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  Am186CC/CH/CU Microcontroller, 16-bit x86 processor with 4 HDLCs
  HFC-S S/T Transceiver with B- and D-Channel HDLC
  MPC 8260 PQ2  8260 Processor with 4 SCCs (configurable as HDLCs) + 2 MCCs 
  MPC 860 PowerQUICCI 860 Processor with 4 HDLCs
  MC 68302 IMP   Integrated multiprotocol processor, 3 HDLCs
  MC 145574 S/T transceiver
  MC 145572 U transceiver
  MPC 8260 PowerQUICCII 8260 processor with multiple peripherals
Infineon (Siemens)
  PEF 3086 S/T transceiver with HDLC, low voltage
  PSB 21150 IPAC-X S/T transceiver with multi-HDLC, low voltage
  PEB 2186/2086 ISAC-S S/T transceiver with HDLC
  PSB 21525 HSCX TE Dual HDLC controller
  SAB 82525 HSCX Dual HDLC controller
  SAB 82532 ESCC2 Dual HDLC controller, high performance
  SAB 82538 ESCC8 8-channel HDLC controller, high performance
  PEB 2256 FALC56 T1/E1/J1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  PEB 20320 MUNICH32 32-channel HDLC controller
  PEB 22554 QuadFALC Quad E1/T1/J1 framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  PEB 20532 Serocco Dual Channel HDLC Controller, high performance (replaces existing 80532)
  Am79R70, Le79R70 Ringing SLIC
  Am79R79, Le79R79 Ringing SLIC
Maxim-Dallas Semiconductor
  DS 2151 T1 Framer/Transceiver

DS 21Q42        

T1 Framer/Transceiver (Quad)


DS 2152

T1/J1 Framer/Transceiver


DS 21352

T1/J1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC, low voltage


DS 21552

T1/J1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC


DS 2153

E1 Framer/Transceiver


DS 21Q44

E1 Framer/Transceiver (Quad)

  DS 2154 E1 Framer/Transceiver
  DS 21354 E1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC, low voltage
  DS 21554 E1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  DS 2155 T1/E1/J1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  DS 21Q55 Quad
E1/T1/J1 framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  DS 21458 Quad E1/T1/J1 framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  DS 21455 Quad E1/T1/J1 framer/Transceiver with HDLC
National Semiconductor
  TP 3410 U transceiver 2B1Q
  PM 4351 COMET T1/E1/J1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  PM 4354 COMETQuad Quad E1/T1/J1 framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  MTK-20140 ADSL Chipset
  MT9076 T1/E1/J1 Framer/Transceiver with HDLC
  MT 90810 MVIP Matrix Switch


Special Features and Upgrade Modules

Universal Application Programming Interface (UAPI) 
TsLink3 code includes a rich message-based Universal API (UAPI) which presents a simple interface for simple applications such as "signaling-only." UAPI also provides the versatility and power needed to support more complex configurations which combine signaling with data protocols or with specialized hardware. The TsLink3 Universal API coupled with the straightforward structure of the TsLink3 protocol stack enables you to easily follow the API message flow through the code to determine where to make modifications required for your application. 

The majority of simple "signaling-only" applications require a very small subset of the TsLink3 API messages and parameters - and the non-applicable messages can be disregarded and unused parameters set to zero. More complex applications benefit from the large set of messages and parameters that we provide as templates. 

UAPI is common across all TeleSoft stacks which decreases the time and effort required to add upgrade modules to an existing TsLink3 stack and to develop with additional TeleSoft stacks.

High Availability (HA)
TsLink3 supports High Availability applications for high density switches with multiple modes of HA operation, including the seven key elements of HA. Please refer to the TeleSoft HA White Paper for details. Applications requiring HA will benefit from the TsLink3 stack capacity to support up to 64,000 simultaneous connections and up to 256 ports.

Software Tools
Internal Protocol State Logging Tool and Debugging Tool are invaluable aids during portation and integration, included with every TsLink3 stack at no additional charge.

Purchasing TsLink3 Software
TsLink3 Source Code is supplied in comprehensive, portable packages of 'C' 
source code modules and interfaces necessary to develop robust products. 

Source Code packages provide source code from Layer 1 device driver software up through the Layer 3/Layer 4 interface of the OSI model. 

Upgrade and Individual Modules
Completing the solution are upgrade- and individual-modules that increase your market opportunity by increasing your products' connectivity capabilities. Modules include PPP, ML-PPP, X.25, AO/DI, Frame Relay, T1 RBS, E1 CAS, R2, V.120, and Supplementary Services.

Technical and Custom Support 
12-month maintenance extensions include code updates and quick-response technical support via E-mail, phone and fax. 

Expert Consulting and Customization Services
Consult with our experienced engineers early to avoid expensive pitfalls later.

Comprehensive documentation customized for your load. Available in a searchable soft format or in hardcopy. All nomenclature complies with ITU-T.

Cost-effective one-time licensing fee; no royalties or user-fees for TsLink3 source code or the TsRITE operating system. 

TeleSoft International specializes in the development of Intelligent WAN solutions specifically for OEMs. We supply source code for SIP, DSL, PPPoA, PPPoE, ISDN, Q.931, Q.921, QSIG, ML-PPP, PPP, Frame Relay, T1 RBS, E1 CAS, R2 and X.25 Protocol Stacks for license to manufacturers of telecommunications products around the world. 

TeleSoft provides 'C' Language Source Code Stacks and Hardware Reference Designs backed up by comprehensive documentation and expert technical support. TeleSoft solutions accelerate time-to-market, minimize technology risk, and decrease the cost of both product development and product maintenance



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