TsGATE Soft SIP-PSTN Gateway

Austin TX, January 19, 2010 -- TeleSoft International Inc.– announces their TsGATE SIP to BRI PSTN Gateway.

TsGATE SIP to BRI PSTN Gateway is a software gateway product that provides the signaling conversion necessary to enable VoIP traffic running on IP networks to be converted to TDM traffic running on BRI PSTN networks and vice versa.

TsGATE combines the TeleSoft CompactSIP, TeleSoft PRI/QSIG/BRI and TeleSoft SIP Interworking stacks to provide an integrated package for ease of use and application.

"TsGATE enables the design of embedded gateways that need to provide interfaces to both the IP world and PSTN world. TsGATE not only conserves valuable memory space and CPU cycles but also decreases development time and speeds time-to-market. " said Christopher Cox, TeleSoft’s Vice President, Marketing.

The TsGATE SIP to BRI Gateway solution is the latest addition to TeleSoft's broad family of software stacks and advanced development platforms.

About TeleSoft International

Founded in 1992, TeleSoft International is a USA-based premier developer and supplier of ‘Protocols for Developers’ for the commercial and defense communications industries, with more than 250 licensees in over 20 countries, including AT&T, IBM, NEC, NTT, Polycom, Motorola, TelcoBridges, Fujitsu, Lucent Technologies, Matsushita, General Bandwidth, Cisco and 3Com. TeleSoft source code stacks include SIP, ISDN, PPP, ML-PPP, E1 CAS R2, T1 RBS, X.25 and Multi-link Frame Relay.

CompactSIP is TeleSoft’s industry leading smallest embedded SIP protocol stack that is ideal for applications including IP phones, mobile phones, consumer ATAs and PDAs.

The TeleSoft PSTN signaling stacks are deployed in ISDN phones, PABXs, communication blades, TAs, videoconferencing systems and gateways in worldwide markets. Each stack module has been carefully developed to ensure a small code size consistent with optimum performance.

TsGATE is supplied as an integrated source code package and is independent of the hardware and RTOS. TsGATE is available pre-ported to popular operating systems including Linux, VxWorks, Nucleus and MQX. TsGATE is especially suited to embedded solutions where small code size and high performance are important criteria.