TsSmartPhone VoIP SDK for all IP phones

AUSTIN, TX. January 19, 2010 -– TeleSoft International announces its TsSmartPhone Voice Over IP (VoIP) v5 SDK. The TsSmartPhone VoIP SDK is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use VoIP telephone software reference design suitable for a wide range of SIP based products and is available with support for Apple iPhone, Windows desktop, Windows Mobile and Linux.

Powerful features save valuable engineering resources by simplifying VoIP product development and dramatically reducing time-to-market. The complexity of SIP phone functionality is encapsulated via a simple stimulus-based API presented to the application that requires only key pad or touch screen inputs.

About TeleSoft

TeleSoft,, develops and licenses digital communications protocol source code stacks and reference designs that embed VoIP, telecomm and datacomm capabilities into consumer electronics and business systems. The company’s compliance-tested, OS-independent codes include TsSmartPhone, TsLinkNet, CompactSIP, PRI & BRI ISDN, QSIG, ML-PPP, PPP, T1 Robbed Bit, E1 CAS R2, Frame Relay, X.25 and more. TeleSoft products accelerate time-to-market, minimize technology risk, and decrease the cost of product development and maintenance. TeleSoft’s worldwide base of more than 250 customers includes, among others, AT&T, Cisco, D-Link, 3Com, Dialogic, Fujitsu, GTE, GenBand, NimBuzz, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Multi-Tech, NEC, NTT, Polycom, TelcoBridges, US Robotics, Vertical Communications and ZyXEL.

TsSmartPhone SDK is now available pre-integrated with the industry’s leading voice and media engines to enable application providers and OEMs to provide highest quality voice communications while decreasing both time-to-market and technical risk. Typical handset applications are low/no cost VoIP calls over cellular networks using a data service and VoIP over WiFi to a broadband access point.

The TsSmartPhone SDK is a modular solution that is easily tailored to suit the application thus optimizing both memory footprint and cost. It supports 44 RFCs including RFC 3261, TCP, SDP, PRACK, SIMPLE, Security and NAT Traversal while maintaining one of the smallest memory footprints for cost-sensitive applications such as Mobile Handsets, IP phones, Chip-sets, Gateways, PDAs and Pocket PCs – applications where very small code sizes and high performance operations are top priorities.

TsSmartPhone is based on the TeleSoft CompactSIP stack that has been deployed in millions of clients.