New TsLinkNet Hi-Rel/Hi-Perf IP-PBX VoIP to PSTN Gateway

Austin TX, January 18, 2010 -- TeleSoft International Inc.– introduces their TsLinkNet Hi-Rel/Hi-Perf VoIP to PSTN Gateway for IP-PBXs and TDM cards

The TeleSoft TsLinkNet Hi-Rel/Hi-Perf IP-PBX Gateway has been developed for businesses that need a highly reliable VoIP-PSTN system capable of supporting sustained high call volumes while maintaining excellent voice quality – for millions of calls.

TsLinkNet Hi-Rel/Hi-Perf VoIP to PSTN Gateway marries robust performance with cost effectiveness by providing a highly reliable gateway between any IP-PBX (e.g. Asterisk, Freeswitch, Bayonne, etc.) and low cost off-the–shelf telephony hardware. TsLinkNet is an excellent value-add for suppliers of IP-PBXs and DAHDI/Zaptel TDM telephony cards, enabling an additional revenue and profit stream to their products without requiring any R&D investment. Typical end user applications include Call Centers, SMBs, IVRs, Aircraft and Shipboard communication systems.

In addition to the integrated worldwide PRI ISDN, options include support for QSIG (the standard interface for PBX-to-PBX communications), T1 Robbed-Bit Signaling (used mainly in N. America) and E1 CAS R2 (widely used in S. America and Asia).

TsLinkNet meets all the US and international ITU-T telecom standards and is based on 18 years of global real world experience and is fully supported by TeleSoft International.

About TeleSoft International

Founded in 1992, TeleSoft International is a USA-based premier developer and supplier of ‘Protocols for Developers’ for the commercial and defense communications industries, with more than 250 licensees in over 20 countries, including AT&T, IBM, NEC, NTT, Polycom, Motorola, TelcoBridges, Fujitsu, Lucent Technologies, Matsushita, GenBand, Cisco and 3Com. TeleSoft source code stacks include SIP, ISDN, PPP, ML-PPP, E1 CAS R2, T1 RBS, X.25 and Multi-link Frame Relay.

TsLinkNet Hi-Rel/Hi-Perf Gateway interfaces to any IP-PBX via a SIP API without requiring any hardware connection and to off-the–shelf telephony hardware via a DAHDI/Zaptel interface. TsLinkNet is easy to install and runs alongside the IP-PBX software on the same PC/server platform and under the same Linux operating system.

“Developers face multiple challenges when trying to add VoIP Gateway capability to their products. In-house development can take a long time and is costly in terms of resources, time-to-market and dollars. Reselling a gateway from a competitor is problematic on several fronts, proprietary APIs, low margins, exposure of your business plan and lack of competitiveness,” said Christopher Cox, V.P. Marketing for TeleSoft International. TeleSoft’s TsLinkNet VoIP-PSTN Gateway meets these challenges head-on; TsLinkNet is available now, it uses industry standard APIs (SIP and DAHDI/Zaptel), it works with off-the-shelf telephony hardware available from multiple vendors and with the added bonus of running on Linux.